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    About One Teacher

    At OneTeacher, we believe in the power of one teacher. We are ever-in-awe of the impact that one teacher can have on our students and communities.

    By deeply understanding the needs of our applicants and the needs of our partner schools, the matchmakers at OneTeacher connect educators to achievement-focused, Title I schools that are a great fit for them. We partner with schools that will hire and support high-quality teachers and administrators to transform lives and change history so that all of Arizona’s students receive the excellent education they deserve.


    Meet the Staff at OneTeacher

    Erin Tobin (Founder & CEO)

    ErinErin Tobin grew up in a working-class village of Detroit, Michigan where from an early age she learned that some schools were considered “good” and others were “bad.” While her family fought hard for her to go to the “good” schools, she struggled with the reality that some lives were forever altered by the opportunity to have a good education while others were held back because of circumstance. In college she sought to answer these questions, and upon graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor with a double major in History and Sociology and a Specialization in International Social Change, she realized that she had only begun to scratch the surface on the hows and whys of inequity in this country. Joining Teach For America in 2003, she taught in the northwest Phoenix metropolitan area for two years in a large school district before teaching at KIPP, a charter network school in Washington, D.C. thereafter. The opportunity to teach English Language Arts and Social Studies to her beautiful middle school students was both the most challenging work but also the most illuminating opportunities of her life. After teaching in D.C., Erin returned to the Valley of the Sun to begin her Master’s in Public Administration program in ASU’s College of Public Service and Community Solutions to see how she might build more systemic change to education in this dynamic and ever-evolving state of Arizona. While earning her masters in a program that focused on innovation in the public sector and education policy, she managed projects and programs that support youth, their schools, and their teachers in Title I communities. Through this work and training alongside teachers, school leaders, and community members, Erin resolved that what matters most for our students in Title I schools is not programs or policy, but people, the dedicated adults in their lives supporting them every single day. They, and only they, can make the significant and transformative impact that our children must have in order to have the equal playing field they so deserve. With this belief, she founded OneTeacher, an organization that connects amazing and aspiring teachers to their “perfect match” school by partnering with over 30 achievement-focused Title I schools in the Phoenix metro area. Her goal, every day, is to ensure that great teachers are the ones in front of our students, so all students can have great schools and an education that will set them on a path to opportunity and options for their future.


    Nina Glatt Tinsley (Director of Operations & Outreach)

    NinaNina Glatt Tinsley grew up in a small town in Vermont where she was fortunate to have an extensive string of life-changing teachers. These educators were willing to go above and beyond for their students and in many cases were like family to Nina. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in government from Skidmore College, Nina’s conviction deepened that all students deserve to have a positive relationship with school, regardless of their zip code. Upon graduating, she joined Teach For America in hopes of paying forward the warmth, compassion, and tough love that so many of her teachers showed her. Nina taught middle school math and English in West Phoenix while earning her Master’s degree in secondary education from Arizona State University. She then taught 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade English at an all-girls charter school where she took over for a teacher who resigned mid-year, further strengthening her understanding of both the positive and negative impact that teachers can have. The relationships Nina developed with her students during her time as a classroom teacher were transformative, and she has been grateful to remain in touch with many of her students. After teaching, Nina earned her certification as a Real Time Teacher Coach, helping other educators improve their classroom culture and engagement through the use of real-time feedback. As someone who benefitted so greatly from having incredible educators in her life and who was also lucky enough to get to know hundreds of middle and high school students as a teacher herself, Nina has a deep-seeded belief that having a “whatever it takes” teacher matters. Now, as the Director of Operations and Outreach at OneTeacher, Nina works to ensure that students in Arizona have their own strings of life-changing teachers so that education opens doors for all students, not just some.


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